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doTERRA - pure essential oils


Pure essential oils of therapeutic quality doTERRA revolutionize health care and increase general well-being. The oils are safe to use due to CTPG Certification (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade).


Pure essential oils of doTERRA are natural aromatic compounds found in seeds, bark, stems and roots, as well as in flowers and other parts of a plant. Your fragrance can be beautiful and intense at the same time. If you have ever received the gift of fresh roses, enjoyed a walk near a lavender field, or smelled the scent of freshly cut peppermint, then you have experienced the aromatic properties of essential oils.


The doTERRA oils can raise the mood, calm the senses and cause intense emotional reactions. However, determining the quality and effectiveness of a doTERRA essential oil goes far beyond how is appealing its fragrance.

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doTERRA is revolutionizing health care


We live in a time when alternatives and concepts for health are more readily available. With these many choices that are available, the question often arises, who can I trust?


Your personal experience with doTERRA products can be the answer. You can trust it when you discover simple, secure solutions that help you to be self-determined and self-reliant. If you personally experience the powerful benefits of doTERRA essential oils, you will understand why dōTERRA is revolutionizing the way families care for their health.


The variety of essential oils of doTERRA is great and each oil has different ingredients that affect the body and mind in different ways. Discover the individual oils and oil blends from doTERRA.


What advantages do essential oils from doTERRA offer?


Millions of people have discovered the beneficial effects of the pure essential oils of doTERRA and use them in their everyday lives. Often, one hears the following reasons why essential oils are no longer indispensable in everyday life:


  • Help the body detoxify

  • Purify the body systems

  • Improve the appearance of the skin

  • Promote muscle and joint function

  • Deliver antioxidants

  • Promote energy and stamina

  • Promote healthy circulation

  • Promote the immune system

  • Promote healthy respiratory function

  • Benefits without side effects

  • Promote healthy digestion

  • Soothe tensions and nerves

  • Increase positive feelings

  • Help to fall asleep

  • Protect against insects

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Use of essential oils from doTERRA


Whether you apply externally to the essential oils of doTERRA, enjoy their aromatic benefits or take them internally - essential oils give people the opportunity to take care of their health and that of their family with absolute confidence and self-reliance


dōTERRA offers a collection of individual oils and a selection of special compounds. Each oil has unique therapeutic benefits. You've probably already experienced some essential oils - wintergreen in chewing gum, tea tree in hair care products and peppermint in toothpaste.


  • Atomize with a diffuser in the air or inhale from the hands

Inhaling a flavor or atomized vapor of an essential oil can strongly affect the body areas as well as the airway system. The simplest type of aromatic application of doTERRA oils is spraying with a diffuser.


  • External application on the skin

For external use, essential oils are applied to certain parts of the body, such as applied to the skin, hair, fingernails or toenails. Therapeutic effect occurs both in the affected areas and by the bloodstream in different body organs.


  • Internal use by ingesting the oils

doTERRA oils can also be used internally because of the pure therapeutic quality. The oil can either be placed under the tongue, put into capsules and swallowed, or simply drink 1-2 drops of the oil along with a glass of water.




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