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SAAS-FEE YOGA WEEKS from 16th-23rd January 2021

at our new Yoga House 


9 days of yoga, meditation and coaching sessions in the middle of the fascinating Valais mountains of Saas-Fee.


Choose for yourself how many days you want to join us. 

Yoga packages from 2 to 9 days are available or simply book individual sessions.






11.00-12.15 Welcome Yoga with Sandra
17.00-19.00 Gentle Yoga accompanied by sounds with Sandra & Marco


08.00-09.15 Yogaflow accompanied by harp & handpan with Sandra & Marco
17.00-18.15 Yin Yoga with Tiziana



08.00-09.15 Vinyasa Yoga for a powerful start into the week with Tiziana
17.00-18.15 Ayur Yoga with Isa



08.00-09.15 Ayur Yoga with Isa
17.00-18.15 Gentle Yoga & Meditation with Tiziana


08.00-09.15 Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Tiziana
17.00-19.00 Workshop: Manifesting & Goal Setting 2021 with Tiziana


08.00-09.15 Power Yoga with Tiziana
17.00-19.00 Yogaflow accompanied by Harp & Handpan with Sandra & Marco



08.00-09.15 Heart Opening Yoga with Sandra
17.00-19.00 Gentle Yoga accompanied by sounds with Sandra & Marco



10.30-12.30 Yoga, Mental Training & Meditation with Sandra


Programme subject to change





including yoga workshops

excluding food and accommodation


8-day yoga pass CHF 600.- incl. 15 yoga & coaching sessions from Saturday to Saturday

7-day yoga pass CHF 510.- incl. 13 yoga & coaching sessions from Sunday to Saturday

6-day yoga pass CHF 435.- incl. 11 yoga & coaching sessions from Monday to Saturday
5-day yoga pass CHF 385.- incl. 9 yoga & coaching sessions from Tuesday to Saturday

4-day yoga pass CHF 335.- incl. 7 yoga & coaching sessions from Wednesday to Saturday

3-day yoga pass CHF 245.- incl. 5 yoga & coaching sessions from Thursday to Saturday

Workshops can also be booked individually. Prices on request


at our Yogahouse, with Isa, Tiziana, Sandra & Marco

more info under -> here



Yoga week with Remo Rittiner - Date not yet defined
he is one of the leading yoga experts in Switzerland


Remo Rittiner has been practicing Krishnamacharya for more than 20 years according to the yogic tradition and has become a part of it. a.

with well-known teachers like Sriram, Frawley and learned the techniques of muscle function therapy. His in-depth studies of anatomy and meditation made his yoga lesson ongoing

expanded by their findings and beyond integrated the science of Ayurveda. Remo Rittiner is recognized by numerous health insurances, is the founder of AYUR · YOGA and AYUR · YOGA THERAPY.


As a bestselling author and well-known yoga teacher in German-speaking countries, he provides numerous training courses and publications for years for the recognition and dissemination of this holistic form of therapy. In 1997 he opened the AYUR · YOGA Center for holistic health in Zurich and in 2004 he was elected as Consultant for Switzerland by the International Yoga Therapy Association (IAYT).

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