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Although the Wim-Hof-Method is in many regards similar to “Tummo” (Meditation technique) and “Pranayama” (Yoga breathing technique) it is completely different. Despite many years of meditation and yoga, Wim Hof calls the cold his one teacher and master. Trough extreme harsh conditions in nature he has learned to be resistant against heat, cold and fear.


He is convinced that with a certain amount of training and with the help of the breath, man is capable of controlling hormonal reactions controlled by the limbic system as well as controlling the reactions of the autonomic nervous system.


The first part of the method is a breathing method, which is similar to a controlled hyperventilation. Tingles, dizziness and inertia are normal during this breathing method. These symptoms come from the higher amount of oxygen flowing through the cells and blood. The second part is a cold therapy.


That`s how the breathing technique works
(Always be sure that it is carried out in a safe surrounding e.g. on a couch or sitting on the flow. It is recommended to use this exercise right after getting up in the morning)


1) Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes
Firstly get into a comfortable, meditative position. The lung should be able to fully extend without constrictions.


2) Warm up
To warm up, breath in deeply until you feel a little pressure in your chest. Hold your breath for a moment, afterwards breath out as long as possible. Again hold your breath for a moment. Repeat this 15 times.


3) 30 power breaths
Breathe in as much air as possible trough your nose, then release the breath trough your mouth. Always breathe in fully but don’t breathe out completely, only let the breath go. The speed of the breathing is fast but not rushed. Breath in and out actively with your belly, so that it moves inside while breathing in and outside while breathing out. Repeat this exercise 30 times or until your body is saturated with oxygen.


During this exercise, the focus should wander up and down the body. With the help of intuition it should be felt, which part of the body needs more energy. Some people report whirring colours and pictorial imaginations. This inner world can be explored and the influence on tensions and blockades in the body be felt.


4) Hold
After the 30 quick breathing cycles, breath in the maximum of air again, without using much force. Let the air out and hold it like this for as long as possible. Lower the chin in the process. The body now doesn`t need any oxygen for a while.
Hold this exercise until the need to gasp for air arises in the upper part of the chest.


5) Recreational breath
Breath in fully and feel how the chest extends. Hold the breath, bring the chin to the chest and hold this position for 15 seconds. Feel any tensions and blockages in the body and how they dissolve.
After 15 seconds, the breathing exercise is finished.


After finishing the breathing exercise, you can start with the use of cold. Relax as much as possible, so that the body can process the present signals and start with the thermogenic.


That`s how the cold therapy works


Cold showers


When being in contact with the cold the small muscles which surround the veins contract. After approximately 1-2 weeks the health of this veins improves trough the muscles getting stronger. Thereby the heart gets relieved because it doesn`t need as much force as before to pump the blood trough the body.
Cold showers are carried out from the outside to the heart. Start at the feet and wander via legs, arms and belly to your chest, head and back.
Hyperventilation and shivering are normal, when experiencing pain and deafness, get back into the warmth. Relax into the cold and breath calmly, trough this the exercise gets easier. With time you can increase the cold degree.


Ice bath


After a few weeks, an ice bath can be risked. Put 2-3 bags of ice into a half-full bathtub and wait till 2/3 of the ice are melted or the water reaches approximately 10-12 degree.
As with the cold showers, relax as much as possible. Start with ca. 10 minutes, after a while the time can be increased. Leave the water if you have a funny feeling. It is normal, that it feels even colder after the ice bath.

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