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Free Republic of Holidays in Saas Fee 


80% sunny days, 100% guaranteed snow and up to 4545 meters above everyday life:
so beautiful as in the Free Republic holiday vacation is anywhere else, find the four Welsh Communities  of
Saas-Balen, Saas-Grund, Saas-Fee and Saas-Almagell.

Founding of the Free Republic vacation Saas-Fee
On 29 October 2011, we renewed our presence around and on the occasion of a great festival,
the "Free Republic of Saas-Fee Holiday" was proclaimed.
The inauguration ceremony was attended by celebrities motley together with the mayor and the population
the four villages of Saas-Fee, Saas-Grund, Saas-Balen and Saas-Almagell place.

Become a citizen


Civil rights

1. The right to 300 sunny days per year
2.The right to 42 weeks of fun in the snow
3.The right to 18 four-thousand
4.The right to the highest revolving restaurant in the world
5.The right to the highest subway in the world
6.The right to one of the most fascinating glacier in Europe
7.The right to 350km of hiking trails
8.The original law on four villages in the Alps
9.The right to tame marmots
10.The right to look down from the Dome of the Matterhorn
11.The right to an environmentally friendly recovery
12.The right to enjoy with the whole family

Citizen passport

From summer 2012  introduces the Free Republic vacation guests the electronic card in the form of a civil passport.
Use this to enjoy the (holiday) Citizens for the duration of their holiday stay
exclusive benefits: Free offers in the Republic during the summer season
20% reduction on various leisure activities in the Republic during the summer / winter
Moreover, it was the Free Republic for their holiday (vacation) citizens in the first bilateral
Negotiating contracts with leisure providers finish outside the country,
the citizens in the summer and / or winter to 20% discount entitlement.

More details to follow

Current snow barometer of the Free Republic vacation Saas-Fee: First snow of blessing over 1.5 meters
in the ski area brings  a good start to the season in Saas-Fee, 11 November 2011 -
Saas-Fee Tourism announces firstSnow's blessing to start the season.
The 150cm fresh snow in the ski area bring the early winter guests a brilliant start to the winter season 2011/2012.
Already have the Saas-Fee lifts the chin area rock-Morenia into operation.
After Pastor Johann Josef Imseng the new republic has blessed end of October, are The weather Gods well disposed to the new country:
With 150 cm of fresh snow means the slopes The Free Republic of the Holiday citizens welcome the winter season.
From now on the winter sports fans from the installations are included Morenia glacier to Verfügung.
Zudem the Republic this winter by 15 percent on runway availability in the area Play-ground Längfluh upgraded.
Its 150 kilometers of pistes with 35 ski lifts accessible and provide for snow sports and fun for the whole family.
For Young citizens and citizens of the ski area has a particularly attractive proposition.
Until the age of nine they go on holiday outside the Republic of Saas-Fee  ski free - all winter long.
Start with a young director of tourism in a new era
The foundation stone for the new republic with a large celebration for the population set does not come from nowhere.
"We deliberately chose an independent, polarizing and mobilizing decision performance"
explains Pascal archipelago and 31-ig Since spring 2011,  director of Saas-Fee Tourism.
"Instead of the usual To act post-card images, we want to distinguish ourselves in tourism communication.
This with a wink and a style that the original character of the Saaserinnen and Saas meets. "
The idea of ​​Free Republic vacation was together with the marketing association
and is based on the Saas-Fee Tourism Destination Strategy 2011 to 2015.

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